Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I Made It!

Saying Goodbye at the Manchester NH airport
So I´m actually here! We just got to the MTC and were handed a laptop  and told to tell our families that we got here. It is crazy beautiful here. I feel like its been a whirlwind of a day. There is so much to tell you but not a whole lot of time. It started to feel real when I touched down in Germany. I thought, what am I doing? I´m in the middle of a country by myself with no knowledge of the language or what I´m supposed to do except to find my gate and get on my plane so I can get to Spain. It was really cool I met an Elder in Frankfurt from Israel who speaks English, Hebrew and Russian, and is going to a Russian speaking mission in Romania. So we hung out together for a while and then we ran into this giant group of missionaries from Utah and got to talk with and meet all of them. Its going to be really fun learning and working beside these great missionaries. (enter button does not work on these laptops) On the flight from Newark to Frankfurt I finished the Book of Mormon which was really cool. I am grateful that I have the truths and the principles found in that book. Without which I would most definitely not be anywhere close to where I am today.  I don´t have any really good stories yet but I´m sure that they will come as I learn and spend more time here. I don´t think I´ll get to write again until next Thursday but you all are in my thoughts and prayers. Sincerely, Elder Gustafson

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