Sunday, January 10, 2016

Faith Brings Miracles

written  January 4, 2016

I am grateful for the faith and prayers of the members in Talavera that this branch will grow. It is because of their faith and dedication that we have seen so many miracles this week. These are just some that we have seen.

First miracle in Talavera, we have an investigator that has been around investigating for about a year but he hasn't progressed in some time. Manuel doesn't want to accept the idea of tithing but knows and feels that this is the true church. He also comes to church every week for the first two hours (Sunday School and Priesthood) but never stays for Sacrament Meeting. Yesterday he came to church dressed very nicely with a shirt and tie, which also doesn't usually happen, and decided that he would stay for all three hours of church. It was great to see him start to change just a little but in very significant ways.

Second miracle, we are teaching a young man named Aaron. As we showed up at our lesson we saw there was another kid with Aaron. He had brought his friend, Mateo, to hear what we were teaching! There is nothing better than investigators who bring their friends to learn more about what we are teaching.

Third miracle, we taught Jose Luis on Tuesday with our ward mission leader, Eduardo. (Side note on Eduardo he is awesome. He is a tough serious Catalan but is one of the most warm hearted generous people that I know.) It was a great lesson Eduardo shared his conversion story and his solid testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We set a return appointment for Friday but couldn't get ahold of Jose Luis to confirm it. He didn't show up and we continued on, he has never failed us before nor failed to pick up his phone we were a little bit worried. When we called him on Saturday to invite him to church once again he failed to pick up the phone. We started to think, had something happened? Anyways church started on Sunday and about ten minutes late in walks Jose Luis :).

Fourth, on Saturday morning my companion and I had to stop by the church to pick up something that we had left there the day before and as we were there, in walked two strangers. It was a little bit strange but we started talking and they shared that they had come into the church in order to find a picture of Jesus that wasn't of him on the cross or in agony as so many churches here portray. We were able to talk about Jesus Christ and the real purpose of our message that the Heavens have been opened, that we can speak with our Heavenly Father and that he will communicate back through the Holy Ghost. We talked about creating a personal relationship with God and the joys of having a living resurrected Christ.

It testified to me that sometimes we find prepared people, in other moments prepared people are brought to us. I know that miracles and faith are directly linked. Miracles could not exist without faith and the faith in this branch could move mountains if required. I am grateful for the real privilege that I feel to be serving among these saints. I love my Savior and am grateful for Him.

I love you all,
Elder Gustafson

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