Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Growth of the Church in Spain

Mile marker 0 from which all road measurements in Spain are calculated.

September 19, 2016

This week we had the special privilege of having zone conference with some special guests who attended. We had there, one of the counselors in the Temple Presidency who was one of the first missionaries in Spain when it was opened for missionaries, the first member baptized in Madrid and the first Spaniard baptized who continued living in Spain. It was a very powerful experience to see how far the work in Spain has come over the past fifty years. When the first Spaniard was baptized he had to leave the country in order to be baptized because it was illegal for anyone to be baptized in a church other than the Catholic. He spoke to us about the need to keep stepping forward. If he and others like him had given up, the church never would have gotten to the point where there are now 54,000 members in Spain. Little by little, contacting everybody they could they were able to grow despite all of the persecutions and hardships that they had to go through.

As he spoke to us he shared with us his love for the Spanish people. He spoke of the need to love those that we see on a daily basis. Maybe that person will reject us in the moment but there will be a time where those people will be the ward mission leaders, bishops, stake and temple presidents, and faithful members that Spain needs so desperately. Don.t give up was his message love them even though in the moment they might not know to love you.

I am grateful for the love that I get to feel for this special people of the Lord. There is nothing as important as to be able to serve them during this time. I love the moments that I get to be with them and see how the gospel changes people and makes them the people that they need to become. I love the Lord and am grateful to be doing a small part in His work here in Spain.

I love you all,
Elder Gustafson

Old Town Madrid
Old Town Madrid

Oldest operating restaurant in the world. Opened in 1725.

Peter outside the Royal Palace

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