Saturday, November 12, 2016


La Granja - old Summer Palace of the King
November 5, 2016

We recently have received an addition to the office, Elder Tullis from Maryland. He has been a great blessing to us in the office. He is focused on being a missionary and is helping us to get out of the office on time and making sure that our focus is on people and not things. As we have made changes and been better at focusing on people we have seen miracles. We saw a huge jump in our English class attendance last week and are beginning to teach some of those who are coming to English class. We had a couple stay for our Family Home Evening “Minute to Win it” Activity which was awesome. We also have a race car driver trainer who is working to strengthen his English skills and has expressed desires to hear more about the gospel. We will be meeting with him when he gets back from a tournament in Barcelona.

Another miracle that we saw was when we had about fifteen minutes before a lesson we decided to go off contacting and Elder Douglas and I stopped a Muslim man. At first he was very defensive and didn't really want to talk but as we asked him questions that related to him and his faith we built on a foundation that a relationship to God, however you want to call Him, is fundamental to happiness in this life. He opened up to us and told us that he would be going in for two heart surgeries in the next week and the doctors have essentially told him that he will not live through it. His response was that it didn´t matter to him whether he died or not because he knew that he had a connection to God. That was the whole focus of his life. He wakes up every morning to praise God at five in the morning. I was amazed be the power of this man´s faith in a Loving Father in Heaven who knows us and is watching over us.

We continue to teach Miriam who is wonderful. I love meeting with her and hearing her thoughts on the power of the Book of Mormon as it changes her life. I am so grateful that she found us. I am grateful for a family from Boston that has shared their faith with a nonmember friend through their example and by word that is causing an impact on me and the life of Miriam.

I know that as we try and work to improve the Lord magnifies our small efforts and turns them into miraculous things. I have seen it this week over and over again.

I love you all,
Elder Gustafson

Palace Gardens Aqueduct
Segovia Aqueduct

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