Monday, March 2, 2015

The End of the Beginning

We had a visit from Elder Bennett of the Seventy

 This is my last email from the CCM. Tomorrow morning we all head out into Spain. I am so excited and a little nervous but more excited. I can´t wait to know where I will be headed and who I will spend the next three plus months with. I can´t wait and also at the same time I am a little sad. I have put so much effort into trying to love and show charity for all those here, especially in my district that it will be hard to leave them. I am excited to see who they become over the next two years and as the sons of Mosiah and Alma talk about in Alma 17:2-3. I also will miss President and Sister Lovell who have shown so much love to us. I think I may miss the cooks, most of all. They are wonderful women who make the best food, usually.

Yesterday I had my interview with President Jackson. Both he and his wife are great people and I am excited to be able to serve under their direction. 

 I love you all,
Elder Gustafson

Teaching in the park

Singing in the park

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