Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Milagros y servicio

This has been a great week of miracles and service here in Pontevedra. First miracle in Pontevedra was our investigator Marilo. We have been doing service for her and teaching her family which has been really a great opportunity. On Tuesday we went and taught her and her assistant in her flower shop the plan of salvation. During the lesson she stopped us and turned to her assistant and explained the Restoration to him perfectly. It was super cool and showed us how much she is learning comprehending and understanding what is being taught to her. At the end of the lesson she started taking pictures of the plan of salvation drawings that we laid out on the table and told us that she was going to go home and teach it to her daughters. It was definitely a testimony builder that service is a great way to find and create connections with people and then we have the opportunity to share this message with them.

On Thursday we went to Villagarcia to visit a recent convert family and got to teach them and help them in their garden which again was a great opportunity for service. Doing service has gotten to be one of my favorite activities of the mission because it always helps us to grow better relationships with the members and investigators. We also went to a less active member's house and worked in his garden tearing down thorns and weeds and are working to build our relation with him. I hope that the work that we are doing to clear the thorns out of his farm will eventually help him clear the thorns out of his life that are preventing him from returning to church. I know that this is possible and will only bring happiness for him.

Another miracle this week was with Victor. In order for him to get baptized this week he had to come to church on Sunday. So on Sunday morning we went to his house to pick him up but when we got there he told us that he was sick and weak because he didn't have money to buy food. He told us that he would see if he could come at 11 for the second half of the first hour. When he didn't pick up his phone at 10:50 and then didn't show up at 11 I lost hope. I was so sad because we would have to move his baptismal date again and that would not have been good because he is ready and has desires but just wasn't feeling good. At 12:45 he walked in for the last hour of church. I don't think that I have been so happy. I am grateful that the Lord helps people to do the things that sometimes seem impossible. It also showed me again that always we should believe and have a hope for those things which the God can do, specifically work miracles to help His children find the path that they should follow.

I love being a missionary and I love being able to serve here in Pontevedra where the members are amazing.

Elder Gustafson

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