Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Open House Miracles

With my friend after the dedication of the new chapel in A Coruna

May 23, 2016

What a crazy week we have had in A Coruña! And how many miracles have we seen! Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of this week we had the open house for the new chapel. It was quite different because there was a lot of down time waiting for people to come but it was a great experience and we got to meet some interesting people. In the evening on Thursday we saw some really cool miracles. We went to visit Rafa, a returning less active, who is awesome! His greatest desire is to serve a mission. As we all talked, we felt the Spirit as it testified of the next steps that he needed to take to get to be able to serve a mission and complete that desire. He shared with us how much his cousin, who is currently serving a mission, has influenced him and his desires to return to the church.

Later that night we went to make some phone calls on a bench and a guy came up to us and asked if he could sit next to us. It was a little strange because there were like five other open benches right there but of course we made room, we weren't about to pass up on a conversation. So we get talking and he tells us about his life, and tells us that he has met with missionaries before but lost contact with them. So we get contact information and ask if there is another day when we could share a message with him and he asks, well what can you share with me now. Of course we talked with him about the restoration and got a second lesson with him this coming week. I'll keep you posted.

Another miracle from the week. On Thursday night I had the impression to call Salvador, the man who came to church by himself a couple of weeks ago, to invite him to the open house. He hadn't picked up the other times that I had called but I decided I'll try it again. He picked up this time all excited to hear from us. After receiving the invitation he said, "of course I'll come, it will be good to give you a brotherly hug!" He came and it was awesome we have a lesson set up this week and we are going to give him copies of the duty to God and personal progress programs which he requested for his children. Finally at the dedication on Sunday we had seven of our investigators there, which was awesome! As the meeting started I was saving seats for Kandy and Iago but after about five minutes without them showing up, I moved in allowing others who were still coming in to sit down. Two women that I didn't recognize came in and sat down in those seats. I was a little frustrated that Kandy and Iago hadn't shown up and someone had taken those seats but little did I realize who had sat down. After the meeting I introduced myself and it turned out that one of the women was a less active who we haven't had contact with and the other, her friend that she had brought for the dedication. Anyways we have a lesson set up this week. It was amazing the ways the Lord has blessed us this week! This really is his work and we can try and try but it doesn't matter at all if He is not involved. I wish I had time to share all the miracles that we see but know that He blesses us every day.

Thank you for your prayers on my behalf and on behalf of my investigators.

I love you all!
Elder Gustafson

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