Monday, April 4, 2016

In the Crown

 March 14, 2016

Well, I'm here in Galicia again and I love it. The beauty of A Coruña (the crown in Gallego) is incomparable with that of the rest of my areas. The work here is exploding! It is super cool to see how much work we have and the progression. We are even opening the new chapel (the first chapel building in Galicia) the first of next month! Not to mention the three baptisms that we are expecting to have next month as well. It is a great time to be a missionary in Coruña.

We are teaching a part member family right now. The dad and son were baptized about three months ago and the Mom (Iris) and other son (Jose Antonio) will be baptized this next month. We are very excited for their progression and the way that things are working out. We are also teaching a woman named Cagüini and she is excited for her baptism the same week as Iris and Jose Antonio. Please pray that she can find a job that allows her to attend church every Sunday. And we are teaching a young woman named Venus who is progressing really well and we are very excited for her desires to progress towards her Heavenly Father. This next week I'll be able to give a more complete update on what's going on as I get to know the area and our investigators better.

My companion Elder Hathaway is from Indiana and just a solid missionary. He has been out about six months longer than I have and I am super excited to learn absolutely everything I can from him in the coming months. He enjoys discussing doctrine and has helped me to learn a lot in just the last couple of days, so I'm excited for what I'll be able to learn in the next weeks.

Elder Gustafson

In the ship of Captan Nemo in the aquarium of A Coruña (my companion
is right next to me, then Elder Pulotu from Hawaii, and Elder Goodman
from Utah) My companion and I, two blondes, attract a lot of
attention walking down the street.

Galacian Coast

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