Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Changing Power of the Atonement

August 10, 2015

Ice Cream with Klaudia

The Lord truly hears and answers the prayers of His children. Last  Sunday Victor called and told us that he didn't want anything to do  with us which was hard to hear after everything and we plead with the  Father to help him find his way back. On Wednesday we were headed down  to Vigo for District Meeting and we saw standing in front of us was  Victor. We then had the opportunity to sit next to him and talk with  him for the half hour bus ride. He opened up to us and told us about  some of the things going on in his life and that really he wanted to  keep meeting with us. Wednesday after district meeting I went out to  Ourense and my comp stayed in Pontevedra with the other Elder from  Ourense. During the intercambio they found Victor again and were able  to talk with him again. On Thursday morning he calls us saying that he  needs to talk with us. When I get back from Ourense we go meet with  him again. It really is amazing that if we deprive our Spirits of  nutrition that, that will also affect our bodies. As Victor made the small changes necessary in his life, reading and praying everyday, we  saw each day his health and his countenance improve. He called us  again on Saturday wanting to talk with us so again we were able to  have a lesson with him and resolve some of his doubts, emphasizing the  importance of reading and praying everyday. On Sunday we called him  just before church started to make sure he was coming but his phone  was off. As the meeting started in walked Victor ready for church. It  was a happy sight. During church the members were amazing talking with  and showing Victor their love for him as they are so great at doing.

 In Gospel Principles with Victor we taught about the power of the  atonement and there is a story that we shared about a hiker. A man was  walking along a path enjoying his time and listening to the birds  singing in the trees. As he walked he tripped and stumbled over a  little rock. As he picked up the rock that he had tripped over he saw  that it shone and looked beautiful. Deciding to keep his treasure he  put it in his previously empty backpack. He continued walking  occasionally tripping over stones in his path. Some of the stones he  kept in his bag others he threw of to the side out of his path. As  time went on this man's bag got heavier and heavier and the man became  wearier and wearier. He seemed to be tripping over the smallest of the  rocks in his path and each time it took more energy to get up.  Eventually the man tripped and didn't have enough strength to lit  himself back up. Lying in the path helpless, unable to take off the  crushing load on his back, the hiker cried out for help and at that  moment realized there was a Man standing at his side. He removed the  hiker's backpack and helped him to his feet. As the Man emptied the  backpack the hiker could see the worthlessness of all of the stones he  had put in his bag. The Man gave him back his backpack asking him to  do only one thing saying "you might stumble and you might fall but  please don't put more rocks in your pack cast them away" the hiker  agreed to do so and started off on his way reenergized and ready with  a fresh start and a gloriously light pack. But as had happened before  the man tripped and fell. Once again he saw that the rock he had  tripped over looked precious and picked it up. Now was the moment for  him to choose to put the precious looking looking rock in his pack or  to cast it away. We too have this choice in our lives. When we stumble  and make mistakes we can repent and change giving our sins to the  savior who has already paid that price. We just need to make that  choice and as we do it the Savior will be there beside us ready and  willing to take the weight of our sins. 

This morning we were sitting at our table studying when the phone  rings and we go and answer it. On the other end is Victor who is very  excited to tell us something. He told us that he had been  praying  after getting out of bed and he now knew that the Book of Mormon was  true, that Joseph Smith really was a prophet and that through him the  church of Jesus Christ had been restored to the earth. He bore to us a  testimony of the things that we had been teaching him and he told us  that he would like to be baptized this Saturday. Assuming everything  goes well with the interviews that is what will happen this Saturday.  I know that God is in control of all and that he knows better than us  what each of His children need in their lives. I know that the  atonement provides the power and the ability to change lives. I am  grateful that my Savior knows and loves me personally and that through  him I can be changed and overcome my faults and sins.

I love this  gospel and I love my Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ.

I love you all, 

Elder Gustafson

Intercambios (exchanges)  in Ourense.

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